Global trade is characterized by its extended workflows with complicated compliance and logistics processes, voluminous documentation and time-consuming paper handling, cumbersome and costly peer-to-peer messaging and multiple players from different disciplines. A typical export process in China for a single shipment may involve:

  • 21

    organizations engaged in global trade

  • 55

    sets of trade documents

  • 13

    different core work processes

  • 60

    persons engaged in the process

  • 21

    information or message exchanges

  • 1

    The exporter

  • 8

    Government agencies and authorities including customs, inspection and quarantine, tax and commerce, free and bonded trade zones, and ports and terminals

  • 12

    Logistics and other service providers including freight forwarding agents, customs brokers, warehouse operators, transportation carriers, cargo handlers, commercial banks, credit guarantee companies, trade insurance companies and others

The Belt & Road Effect in China and Globally
Convergence of Disruptive Technologies
  • Global Trade is a Complex Process

    Global trade a complex process involving extended workflows, voluminous documents and a great number of players

  • Organizations are Facing Increasing Challenges

    Organizations facing challenges as global trade ecosystem growing in size, complexity and cost

  • Convergence of Disruptive Technologies

    Convergence of disruptive technologies driving government and enterprises to invest in new technologies

  • Blockchain is Emerging as a Disruptive Force

    Blockchain technology emerging with potential to enable organizations engaged in global trade to better collaborate

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