Powerbridge BaaS Platform

Powerbridge BaaS Platform is built with Hyper ledger and other open source frameworks consisting of technology enginesand business components that provide the infrastructure for Powerbridge blockchain as a service:

*Powerbridge BaaS Services in Development
  • Smart Contract Engine

    Automated coding, registering, authorizing, releasing, triggering, executing and updating of business contracts or transactions based on pre-defined contractual conditions or business rules

  • Network Service Engine

    Services including network connectivity, consensus algorithms and permission mechanisms, secured and authenticated data exchanges, and transaction record storage

  • Member Service Engine

    Authenticating and managing the identity of the members with encrypted key generation as well as managing member accounts and maintaining multi-level permission access control

  • Network Operations Engine

    Monitoring and maintaining network operations, including network configuration, throughput and time consumption, hardware resources, fraud and emergency detection and system updates

  • Business Components

    Business components including trade transaction, compliance, logistics and financing, which are designed to address the mission-critical needs of global trade organizations

  • Data Separation Model

    Data recorded and stored on shared ledgers or more sensitive data stored off the blockchains to ensure data security and maintain a high performance level with minimum use of storage

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