Powerbridge System Solutions

Comprehensive and robust customized solutions and packaged products that allow customers to streamline and optimize operations in regulatory compliance, trade logistics and trade financing

Trade Compliance Solutions

Allow government agencies and regulatory authorities greater control and security, better use of resources, higher duty collection, faster processing time and higher compliance and logistics efficiency in servicing global trade businesses and logistics service providers

  • Trade Zone Compliance Solution

    Managing and streamlining import and export business and process operations of global trade and manufacturing businesses

  • Customs Clearance Solution

    Managing and regulating customs clearance, risk control and duty collection for compliance with trade regulations and standards

  • Cross-Border Processing Solution

    Handling clearance, compliance and logistics at cross-border operations and areas between China and its neighboring countries

  • Smart Command Solution

    Analyzing and displaying critical performance information for operators and decision makers at trade facilities

Trade Enterprise Solutions

Enable global Trade businesses in diverse industries to manage business operations, simplify trade and transaction processes, streamline compliance and logistics processes, reduce document handling, minimize operational cost and increase overall productivity

  • Enterprise Management Solution

    Managing and streamlining import and export business and process operations of global trade and manufacturing businesses

  • Enterprise Compliance Solution

    Managing customs clearance, merchandise inspection and all other required regulatory compliance processes

  • Enterprise Logistics Solution

    Handling inventory, warehousing, shipping and transportation as well as other trade logistics processes

  • Inward Processed Manufacturing Solution

    Managing and handling all aspects of inward processed manufacturing processes including bonded goods and digital manuals

Trade Loan & Insurance Services

Designed to facilitate global trade loan, insurance, settlement processing services. Enables global trade businesses, financial service providers and trade insurance providers to reduce workflow complexity, processing time and operational cost while increase processing efficiency

  • Loan Processing Service

    Facilitating trade-based commercial loans between trade businesses and financial service providers

  • Insurance Processing Service

    Handling trade insurance processes between trade businesses and trade insurance providers

  • Settlement Processing Service

    Processing import and export payment/settlement among various trading parties

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